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Good team work and good service

Good team work and good service

Jesus Gonzalez
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Team is great considering they are not…

Team is great considering they are not located in my state they took care of me...

William Jones
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Anthony was extremely professional

Anthony was extremely professional, and he kept us informed every step of the wa...


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SolarReviews is one of the premiere review websites on the internet dedicated to solar companies. It allows homeowners the opportunity to compare consumer reviews of solar installers, solar panels, and solar inverters in order to find the solar company that best fits their needs. They provide categorized lists based on the best-reviewed in the solar industry. At SolarReviews, Green Solar Technologies consistently holds a near 5-star rating and has achieved their esteemed Pre-Screened Solar Pro badge, as well as the Top 100 Installers and Top 100 Most Reviewed for three years straight

What Our Customers Say

Joseph Potocny – Pahrump, NV

Joseph Potocny, a homeowner out of Pahrump, NV was facing extremely high electricity bills as all of the homes in his area are run exclusively on electricity. He was tired of paying $300 every month to his utility company, so he started to consider the advantages of solar energy. He began to search online and ran into several different solar companies, but none to his satisfaction. Eventually he found Green Solar Technologies and really appreciated the support and convenience he received putting together a solar energy system that would meet his electricity demand according to his time frame.

When the installation crew arrived, they already had plans for his 5.22 kW ground mount solar array. Aside from getting the permits, the process was extremely quick and efficient. Within two months of producing his own solar energy, Joseph won the battle against the utility company and they actually paid him! Now he is receiving enormous returns on his investment and enjoying his energy independence.

Abraham Betancourt Jr. – Lindsay, CA

Edward Harner has been interested in renewable energy for a long time which drew him to work in the solar industry. A few years ago, he became the COO of Green Solar Technologies. Now he is also a proud customer.

Electricity is expensive in Burbank, so Edward especially wanted solar for his family to help predict the cost of his monthly payments. When he decided to move ahead with the process, he made sure to really experience what our customers experience from the design of the system using the engineers and our team of installers, to the materials that we use. That’s why he chose our American partners, SolarWorld. His system also came with SolarEdge inverters. They’re top-of-the-line inverters and come with an amazing warranty and the ability to see exactly how much energy your panels are producing. Now the Harners are saving money and helping to save the environment.

The Harners – Burbank, CA

Abraham Betancourt Jr. of Lindsay, CA was considering installing solar panels to save on his electricity expenses. He was so confident about Green Solar Technologies, he installed solar for both his residence and his fruit packing family business. As you can see, Abraham made the right choice. Now he is utilizing the sun to not only to grow the fruit which produces his business, but also to power his home and to run the machines he uses to pack the fruit and prepare them for commerce.

Abraham’s 8,410 watt residential installation and his 17,980 watt commercial installation were carefully designed and mapped out to offset his electricity bills. GST specializes in providing American-made products for its customers looking for renewable energy alternatives and we are happy to help assist Abraham on his path to energy independence.

Cynthia Hand Testimonial – Northridge, CA

Cindy Hand of Northridge, CA wanted solar for a long time, but also needed to get her roof repaired. With Green Solar Technologies, she was able to take care of both together.

It all began when Cindy received a postcard in the mail from GST. She decided to call for more information. Sal reached out to her and answered all of her questions with an in-home consultation. After going over her energy usage, a system was designed to cover her projected electricity demand going forward. Next, she was provided with an information package for a California rebate program to assist with the cost. Cindy was very happy to see her large 27-panel installation completed in just five days! Now she has peace of mind to know that her bills have dropped significantly and her system’s warranty lasts for 25 years. Cindy has already recommended GST to visitors of her home.

George Nazaretyan Testimonial – Van Nuys, CA

When George Nazaretyan of Van Vuys spoke to his nephew, he was introduced to Green Solar Technologies and the services they provide. GST explained their products to George and offered him a proposal for an excellent rooftop solar energy system. George, however, had a lot of doubts about how GST would handle the roof layout and how it would show from the outside. He was very adamant about making his panels invisible to drivers on the street.

George chose to proceed on with this solar panel installation. As a result of his moving forward, his electricity bill dropped from $600 to $25 every two months and his solar panels were out of view from the drivers. Now, powering his home through solar energy, he recommends Green Solar Technologies having made it pleasant and easy to save money by going solar.

David Reinders Testimonial – Castaic, CA

David Reinders of Castaic, CA had a client that that went solar with Green Solar Technologies. Upon his client’s recommendation, he decided to give GST a call. When David met with one of our sales managers, he was impressed with his knowledge and experience in solar power as well as the friendly service provided throughout the entire solar process. He was particularly excited about SolarWorld’s panel capacity.

Now he has said “good-bye” to his $800 electricity bills and “hello” to very low-cost clean energy independence. Interestingly, David gives advice to people for a living and happily offers his recommendation for Green Solar Technologies to anyone interested in exploring solar technology.

Mike Yanez Testimonial – Sunland, CA

Mike had enough of his high electricity costs and wanted to look into other options. After considering several other solar installers, he chose Green Solar Technologies because of the pricing and solid plan for the arrangement of his solar panels. He was exceptionally surprised when the installation was complete in one day without issues.

Mike is happy now to not only save a lot of money each month on his electricity bills, but he is proud to be reducing his carbon footprint by using renewable energy. He proudly recommends GST as his first choice for solar technology.

Mardiros Alexandrian Testimonial – Sunland, CA

Ten years ago, when Sunland, CA resident Mardiros Alexandrian first came to America, one of his major objectives was to buy a home. After finding the right home, he began to consider solar power because he wanted to produce his own energy as well as help the environment. When he discovered the years of experience and expertise behind Green Solar Technologies, he decided to make the switch the go solar.

Now happy to have had the entire solar process taken care of for him, Mardiros’s electricity bill has dropped almost completely to zero. He proudly gives his recommendation to Green Solar Technologies.

Adrian Panu Testimonial – Reseda, CA

When Adrian Panu’s neighbor explained to him all the advantages he was experiencing going solar, he was quickly hooked on the idea of going solar for himself. After seeing an advertisement for Green Solar Technologies online, he called in and began the solar process. Once he was offered a fantastic deal, he came on board. Adrian was very impressed with the technology of the solar panels as well as the entire installation.

Now Mr. Panu is enjoying the great financial benefits solar has to offer and would gladly recommend Green Solar Technologies to everybody.

Stephen Burress Testimonial – Pinetops, NC

Pinetops, North Carolina homeowner Steve had a great experience installing his solar panels with Green Solar Technologies. He was very impressed with the knowledge the consultants had from the very beginning and was able to get all of his questions answered. The salesmen explained all of the products and was not pushy. The installation was efficient and the clean-up process went smoothly.

Now excited with his new energy producing powerhouse, Steve is more than happy to share his GST experience and endorsement with anyone he comes in contact with.

Jordan Ediger Testimonial – Del Rio, TX

Jordan Ediger of Del Rio, TX has been trying to find ways to provide electricity for his own needs outside of the grid and finally found solar to be a feasible option. Green Solar Technologies was able to assist Jordan in answering all of his questions and laying out a solid plan to go solar. Everything was taken care of—from determining the system size, to getting the solar panels onto his home, to the cost required, to the timeline of the installation process.

Now Jordan is experiencing all of the many benefits of energy independence.

Operational Excellence

Quality stems from well-designed products. To ensure consistent, reliable solar excellence, every SolarWorld solar panel is held to the most stringent levels of quality control. Our manufacturing is completely vertically integrated, from crystal growing and wafer cutting to cell processing and panel assembly, which allows us to closely control every step of the solar value chain. SolarWorld is independently certified by a multitude of agencies and organizations to ensure we meet and surpass stringent national and international standards. These authoritative performance ratings, certifications and standards consistently confirm what we already know: from sourcing the highest quality materials and adopting sophisticated manufacturing processes to engineering custom-designed installations, we demonstrate our commitment to excellence time and again.

Kurt Moore Testimonial – Norwalk, WI

After an unsuccessful attempt at trying wind turbines, Kurt Moore decided to search online for energy alternatives. He ran into a webpage by Green Solar Technologies offering an affordable way to go solar with zero money down. Kurt called in to find out more and was then assisted with a solar consultation. He was pleased to find that in little time his custom solar energy system was designed and was offered with numerous solar incentives and no interest for 18 months.

Now, on top of savings on his electricity costs, Kevin is looking forward to a possible check back from the utility company each month for overgeneration. He has already recommended GST for their top-notch, professional service and will never look back.

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