Solar Energy FAQs

Solar power is very different from traditional means of energy production. When you go solar, you enjoy low fixed payments into the ownership of your own solar power system and immediately become immune to the approximately 2-5% rise of utility rates every year. Due to our partnership with many of the top lenders, we offer financing options for just about every budget and situation with $0 up front, making your initial investment as affordable as possible. Once you complete the financing term, you will enjoy the freedom that comes with Energy Independence.

A roof decked out with solar panels shows the world that you care about our planet—and what can be more attractive than that? Green Solar Technologies offers a wide variety of sizes and shapes of solar panels. We have a perfect fit for every project!

Our high-quality, American-made solar panels harness photovoltaic energy from the sun direct current (DC) energy. This energy is then converted to alternating current (AC) energy, which is used to power all the electrical appliances and devices in your home or business. If your system produces more solar energy than you actually use, it feeds back into the electricity grid for use at a later time, so nothing is wasted. Many utility companies also pay back for overproduction in the form of Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs), so not only can you become energy independent and save a fortune over time, but you can also get paid for the work of the sun through your solar panels.

Solar energy is a clean, renewable source of power that is estimated to offset 178 tons of carbon dioxide over the next 30 years. That amount of CO2 is equivalent to driving 390,300 miles. In other words, the benefits of solar energy for our environment are enormous.

Your solar energy equipment can be transferred to the new homeowners once the home sale is final. The person or family who buys your home may be responsible for making the monthly payments as stipulated in your agreement with GST, which should be no problem since it’s likely to be far less than any energy bill they would normally pay to your utility company. Green Solar Technologies is happy to assist with the simple process of transferring the contract to your home’s new owners and answering any questions either party may have.

Green Solar Technologies aims to bring only the highest quality solar panels at a competitive price. The solar panels of our partner companies are designed and manufactured to the highest standards of quality, performance, and durability in history. The solar components come in a variety of sizes and power, making them suitable for all applications—from a remote power generator to a large-scale power plant. And these solar panels can withstand virtually any imaginable weather conditions and are tested thoroughly to remain as tough as anything that comes in tact with it, including giant hailstones being pelted straight into them at over 250 MPH.

Green Solar is partnered with a network of leading bankers to bring you the most affordable options possible for owning solar energy equipment. We offer $0 down and comfortable monthly payments for just about any budget. Contact Green Solar Technologies today to learn more about the many financing options we offer.

Additional questions about solar energy?

We want to know! Ask one of our energy consultants. They can give you the answers you need and show you know how well your home or business qualifies for solar.